Monday, November 13, 2017

Podcast- Immersed in culture

The Podcast channel I visited this week is the ESLpod, and I have to be honest that it really surprised me and gave a great impression about how useful is the Podcast function and more importantly, how it could be beneficial in ESL classroom settings. Before I experienced Podcast, I saw it as something similar to Youtube video and students could even learn more in those prerecorded videos on Youtube channel. 

But as I dived more into the ESLpod channel, I began to realize that podcast has something special and this very trait I believe make it one the best candidates in the TechEd universe. The very difference I would like to talk about is the periodicity of Podcast compared to the prerecorded videos. In simple words, the podcast is an ongoing and dynamic platform where students learn as the podcast goes on. Therefore, students are actively engaging in the learning process in order to catch up because Podcast is constantly being updated.  This continuity of learning helps students foster a lifelong learning process, making learning as a part of life as the show goes on.

One learning objective I think Podcast can achieve is that " Performance indicator- ESL.I.5.1.1" Students demonstrate an understanding of  language and cultural patterns and norms in American English, including different regional and social varieties of English." Specifically, the lesson I join is the Cultural English 460, where the lecturer demonstrates the movie Grease and Workers' Compensation Laws. In this episode, the speaker shares the plot of the movie and introduces the difference of the laws amongst different states in an extremely personal and engaging manner. With some of the challenging and important vocabularies
repeated and spelled out slowly, ESL learners have the opportunity to acquire new words as they are receiving this culture-immersed information. In all, the impression that the lesson gives me is that I am having an actual conversation with an American and I am looking forward to next one because I don't realize I am actually learning in this process! Therefore, Podcast is really a nice change of pace of the traditional classroom learning and gives us a chance to relax in this cultural learning hot spring.


  1. Sorry for being late! I just finished my take home comp exam.

  2. I like that you mention it is a change of pace. I think one of the most important things we can do in our classrooms is change things up so that it never gets boring. I know that some routines are important, but in many ways, bringing a new took into the classroom can make it refreshing for not only the students but make a course brand new for the teachers as well.