Friday, October 13, 2017

Twitter Chat- tweeting while chatting

This is my first time using Twitter, and I feel like my experience would be a totally different one from your guys'. I am fully aware that Twitter is a common social media for most people and most people use it to retain news and socialize with friends. Before this, the most relating news about Twitter is Trump posting a new tweet and making a typo again. For me on the contrary, I acquainted Twitter in the form of Twitter chat, in many cases, used as a professional communicating channel. Therefore,  I see it as a fantastic way for professional development.

Active users are the key point or the premise for a social media to be a tool for professional development. Compared with some of the personal network website we learned last class, Twitter has such an inherent advantage for developing professional groups. It is never appealing for anyone to open their browser and enter into a deserted community. Such universal sentiment implies one of the most important roles of social media is to connect people all around the world and integrate all different sort of information that affords us chances to enhance mutual understanding. Twitter succeeded in this.

The Twitter chat I participated in is #games4ed, this week's topic is what mysteries do in game and learning. I appreciated how organized the chat is so that even for a new user like me found absolutely no difficulty joining it. Questions are labeled and everyone can answer accordingly. Thanks to hashtag, we are exposed to more perspective without actually befriending or knowing each other. This is awesome but on the other hand, as different users start joining in, the whole page became a little bit chaotic inevitably. I really hope that they will add group chat that would make it better. If Twitter does not want to do that, moderator of the channel collecting all the relating tweets about the questions and having them filed into a certain category would be so much more convenient for anyone to reference later on. Of course, it takes time and efforts.

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  1. Twitter is many things to many people and it is so interesting that your first real experience with it is a Twitter chat!